Pub U veselé lišky

The pub U veselé lišky is located in close proximity to the guesthouse. In winter, you can plunk down near a warm stove inside and in summer, you can enjoy your cold beer on the terrace. The pub is suitable also for family, birthday or business celebrations. The capacity inside is 35-40 persons and 40-45 persons on the terrace.


We offer breakfast (prize 90 CZK) for the accommodated guests. You can order your breakfast during booking or on arrival. We are also ready to serve a hearty breakfast full of energy (cereals, yogurt etc.) for cyclists and fit hikers.

Lunch and Dinner

You can find classic dishes as well as local specialities on the menu. You can enjoy local dishes such as brynza gnocchi, sauerkraut soup, blueberry dumplings, smoked ribs and many others, or taste various specialities such as shepherd cheese or devilish delicacy.


Manager: Roman Tkadlec, tel.: +420 607 612 095, email:,  IN: 76100090

Reserve you accommodation now

The dates becoming unavailable quickly. Our accommodation capacity is often fully booked long time in advance mainly in the high season and during weekends.