Accommodation U veselé lišky

This family guesthouse in the Beskid Mountains offers accommodation in five cosy rooms. Relax in the hillside under the top of Soláň, which invites you to set off for trips into unspoilt nature in summer and to enjoy ski resorts in winter. The guesthouse includes a pub with terrace where you can taste homemade food. If you look for an accommodation in the Beskids, our guesthouse has an ideal location in the village of Hutisko Solanec. It is located in a slope, with the valley from Rožnov pod Radhoštěm to Horní Bečva on one side and the valley from Vsetín to Velké Karlovice on the other.

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The dates becoming unavailable quickly. Our accommodation capacity is often fully booked long time in advance mainly in the high season and during weekends.

Soláň and the Beskids

The peak of Soláň (861 m) has been considered as one of the most beautiful parts of Wallachia and the Beskids from time immemorial. It is a part of an extensive area called Vsetín Hills.

Soláň has been famous as a “Wallachian Olympus” mainly for its attractiveness for painters. From the top, there is a beautiful view of Radhošť, Smrk, Kněhyně, Lysá hora (Bare Mountain) and ridge of Javorníky (Maple Mountains). If the weather is nice and clear, you can see Jeseníky, Malá Fatra ridges, Súlov Rocks and Martinské hole.
Several examples of typical Wallachian buildings have been preserved in Soláň. A bell tower was opened in 2006 and has now been used as an information centre and art gallery.

Soláň is an important year-round recreation and touristic place. In summer, it represents a crossroad of hiking and cycling trails. Along the ridge, there is an easy trail for hikers as well as cyclists, which is suitable for cross-country skiers in winter. The ski resort Soláň offers great conditions for skiers and snowboarders in winter.